The Via Property Management Team

150527 - Via PM Staff Portrait - Standing

From left to right: Patty Lin, Joe Grady, Nathan Hitchcock, Christian Rousset, Caitlin Woods

Nathan Hitchcock

Founder & CEO

Nathan began a lifelong love affair with serving his community at the ripe old age of 11, waking everyday rain or shine at 4:30am for nearly 3 years to deliver the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper to 150 residents of Berkeley, California.  His real estate career had equally humble beginnings in 1998 when… read more

[ Contact Nathan at nathan@via-pm.com or 925.397.4000 ]


Patty Lin

General Manager

Patty was born in Hong Kong and moved with her family to the United States at a very early age.  Originally residing in San Francisco’s Sunset district, her family later moved to Walnut Creek where Patty attended Carondelet High School.  She then studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she earned a degree in… read more

[ Contact Patty at patty@via-pm.com or 925.397.4099 ]


Caitlin Woods

Everyone's Favorite Assistant

[ Contact Caitlin at caitlin@via-pm.com or 925.465.1599 ]


Christian Rousset

Leasing Agent

[ Contact Chris at chris@via-pm.com or 925.890.4482 ]


Joe Grady

Leasing Agent

[ Contact Joe at joe@via-pm.com or 925.989.9411 ]


Shaneh Woods

Number Tamer

[ Contact Shaneh at accounting@via-pm.com ]

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    To help great people realize the joy of leasing a home they love while providing the most phenomenal service experience ever.