The Via Property Management Mission...

is to help great people realize the joy of leasing a home they love while providing the most phenomenal service experience ever.

You are about to read something you will not find on any other property management company’s web site…

We are not #1. We’re not even #2.  In fact, we’re probably about 1/10th to 1/4 the size of most of our colleagues in the industry (we don’t like to think of them as “competitors” – we prefer to operate from a collaborative mindset).

Being the biggest in town is not our goal.  Having the happiest, most satisfied and loyal clients in town is our goal.  We want homeowners who love their homes and tenants who love to rent them.  We want clients who write to tell us and their friends what a pleasure their rental experience was.  That’s our goal.

We don’t care if we’re number one, as long as our clients are happy and love where they live.  By comparison, being number one would probably be easier, but we don’t mind the challenge.

Our Values

To meet our goal, we’ve adopted a few core values:

  • Our services and our clients need to be a good fit for each other.  Time is the most valuable commodity we have, and yours (and ours) is to valuable to waste “selling” you on something that doesn’t perfectly fit your needs.  We have a very specific way of managing rental homes and you have a very specific way you want your home managed.  Making sure those line up is the only way we’ll meet our mission to provide you with a phenomenal service experience.
  • A satisfied client is not good enough.  If you are only satisfied, we didn’t do our job. We don’t want to just meet your needs and expectations. We don’t want you to just have an “OK” experience. We want you constantly thinking to yourself (and proclaiming to your friends), “Wow! They were amazing!”
  • Our integrity is something we won’t compromise.  We personally hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards. Regardless of how tough a situation is, or how difficult a decision is to make, we will not sacrifice our principles for the sake of closing a deal. In the end, we may lose a client or anger a colleague, but our integrity will always remain above reproach.
  • It’s about serving people, not reaping profits.  Any time we have a decision to make or a system to rethink, we ask ourselves, “What would best meet the client’s needs?”  Admittedly, we didn’t always operate that way, and we have plenty of scars from our early days to show for it.  It was profits first, and clients needs second.  Interestingly, once we learned to switch those priorities around, both customer satisfaction and revenues went up dramatically.

Our Management Philosophy

This may sound strange, but we believe our purpose on this earth is to change the way tenants and landlords treat and work with each other.  We believe we are here to bring enlightenment and the concept of mutual benefit to what has traditionally been a “my needs first” industry.  We believe that the tenant-landlord relationship should be a symbiotic one, not a parasitic one.

Parasitic Tenant-Landlord Relationships

In a parasitic tenant-landlord relationship, one or both parties feel and conduct themselves as if their needs and financial well being are more important than the other’s.  A parasitic tenant might ignore a leaky pipe under a sink, or treat a home carelessly and harmfully, or exploit loopholes in a tenant friendly legal system to avoid paying their rent.  A parasitic landlord might delay making repairs, or make repairs as cheaply as possible using rude and inconsiderate vendors, or only make the minimal of repairs possible as required by law, or take advantage of a tenant who does not know their rights.

Unfortunately, with all parasitic relationships, both the host and the parasite eventually suffer and die.

Symbiotic Tenant-Landlord Relationships

In a symbiotic tenant-landlord relationship, both parties understand that need each other to survive, and that if both parties are happy, they will not only survive, but thrive.  In a symbiotic relationship, both the tenant and the landlord care about the home and each other’s financial well being.  The tenant understands that if they don’t promptly let the landlord know about that leaky pipe, it’s going to harm the home and cost the landlord more to repair.  The landlord understands that if they don’t demonstrate that they care about the home and the tenant by hiring kind, considerate and talented vendors to make repairs, the tenant will assume that they don’t care about them or the property and won’t put any effort into taking care of it themselves.

Property Management, Enlightened

Our philosophy is that tenants should love where they live and landlords should love helping them love where they live, and that our role is to guide both the tenant and the landlord in making that a reality.  We accomplish this by:

  • Answering our phones LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even at 4am on Christmas morning.
  • Hiring a professional to inspect our homes annually, at our expense.
  • Hiring only licensed and insured vendors who show up when they say they will and leave the home cleaner than when they got there.
  • Having our homes professionally cleaned between tenants, every time.
  • Never charging a convenience fee for direct deposit or online rent payments.
  • Never issuing a surcharge to our homeowners for work performed on our properties.
  • Holding ourselves accountable with our Satisfaction Guarantees.

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