Professional Tenant Screening Services

The foundation of a phenomenal landlord-tenant relationship is a great tenant.

So you’ve found what appears to be a great tenant for your cherished home.  They seem nice, they present well, they have a good job and income, they have a good life story, their current landlord loves them… or so they claim.

But how to do you  know for sure they won’t be the tenant from hell?

While there is never a guarantee a tenant will work out, you can greatly increase your chances of success by having them professionally screened.

And not just by some computer program that looks at their credit report, claimed income, and public records, and spits out a mathematically based guess.  There are dozens of online services that can do that for you in just minutes for less than $20.

What you need, and what your cherished home deserves, is a trained professional, who has screened hundreds and hundreds tenants, who has seen all of the tricks that professional deadbeats employ, who can recognize the signs of financial stability, who has tools and know-how to separate the fact from fiction.

We’ve had only 1 eviction in 10 years of managing real estate.

Our track record speaks for itself.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tenants screened, and only one has needed to be evicted.  Our tenants are phenomenal because we’re experts at screening out the duds.  And that 1 eviction?  It was a tenant we advised the homeowner against renting to.  We’ve since learned to be more firm with our recommendations.

Have Your Prospective Tenant Professionally Screened!

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Our professional tenant screening will answer the following critical questions you should have about your prospective tenants:

  • How is their credit?  You’ll receive a full credit report and score (provided by Experian).
  • What skeletons do they have in their closet?  You’ll receive a full criminal history search and background records search to uncover arrests, convictions, judgments, liens, warrants and more.
  • Have they been a good tenant in the past?  We’ll research, contact and interview past landlords, using our honed detective skills to make sure 1) we’re talking to their actual landlord and not their cousin Vinny pretending to be them and 2) they are being honest and not just trying to offload a deadbeat tenant on someone else.
  • Will they pay the rent on time?  We’ll research their current and past employment and income sources, assets and cash reserves to determine if they are financially stable and able to pay their rent each month.  We’ll also interview their current employer to make sure their job is real and secure, and not a bunch of smoke and mirrors.


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